Is it a DeLorean or a TARDIS?

persian-history-1“Man will never go to the moon,” my great- grandmother is reported once having said to my father, then just a little boy wondering about the possibility of space travel.  I know: my father is a man before his time.  As for my great-grandmother: hmm… she meant well.  Many years later, what she thought was an impossibility became a routine reality with NASA.  It really is too bad she did not live to see that.  I think she would have been delighted.

In the same spirit of my great-grandmother, I am inclined to say (I know, shocker) that time travel will more than likely remain an impossibility, but apparently an Iranian scientist is determined to prove me wrong, or at the very least, read my palm.  You see, his “time machine” isn’t a vehicle that brings one into the future at all.  If anything, his invention is a bit more like a fortune teller’s palm or tea leaf reading trick, just with a lot more science mixed in.   Bummer, as I was really hoping for a vehicle of some sort.

If you were to invent a time machine, what sort of vehicle would it be; to where and when would you travel?

©Norine Acevedo and Norine’s Notebook, 2013


2 thoughts on “Is it a DeLorean or a TARDIS?

  1. As good as the Delorean is, I think something less complicated would be in order. I love the Tardis so a tool shed might be in order.

    I’d want to go everywhere. Being able to see the dinosaurs or the building of the pyramids, the construction of the Empire State or Eiffel Tower as well as some concerts by The Doors. That would do for starters 🙂

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