The “You Don’t Have A Job?” Man

“You no working today?” “No.  I don’t work,” I reply. “Why you no working? You no like it?” “No, I stay home.  I care for my children,” I respond, using short sentences and simple vocabulary, as I know from experience that it is so much easier to respond this way than to explain that I […]

Time Travel by Loxley: Episode #2

Saturday, April 20th I should be home right now.  I wish I was home.  Well, I am technically home, it’s just that… it’s just not… how can I explain this?  What I’m trying to say is that I wish I was where I belong.  I don’t belong in this time.  And it’s just so bright […]

Looking for Love While Waiting in Line at Starbucks aka Seeking Something Sweet

Inspired by Ephesians 5:25; 5:33; and personal ads Sugared Candy Apple Berry Sweet Seeks a guy whose heart will beat Only for her. That’ll be $5.25, please. Only for her! Sigh. Spicy Caramel Mocha Mint Treat Seeks a girl whose heart will beat Only for him. That’ll be $5.33, please. Only for him! Sigh. Everyone […]

The Twelve Days of Offerings

  Yesterday, we looked at Numbers Chapter 7.   Hmm…  the book of Numbers? I know what you are thinking: not the most interesting book to study.  “How could you do that to your kids?  How could subject your children to such torture?  Why would you  do that to yourself?!  I know.  It reads like […]